Big Player Brazil – First poker reality show in Brazil with a millionaire prize!

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Notícias Big Player Brazil – São Paulo – SP 15/4/2020 –

The first poker reality show in Brazil is scheduled to premiere in August. Check out all the details.

Big Player Winner Will Take Millionaire Prize!

Big Player Brazil will feature the participation of 36 players, for 30 days, broadcast 24 hours a day.

The show will showcase everything that happens at home and during table competitions as players battle it out for the Big Player title and $1 million million dollar prize.

In addition, while participating in the reality show, players will be able to take their laptops and cell phones and not be isolated in a house.

The show will be recorded on Iha de Croa, located on the northern coast of Alagoas, in the city of Barra de Santo Antônio. The inn where the players will stay is close to Praia de Carro quebra, a place with crystal clear waters and an almost paradisiacal setting.

So far, the names of the participating players are not known and it is still possible to apply for one of the vacancies in the Big Player Brazil website. The names of the participants will be gradually revealed starting in the month of April.

muse of poker

In addition to the competition for the title of Big Player Brazil, there will also be a parallel competition for female poker apprentices who will compete for the title of Muse of Poker.

To participate, women must be over 18 years old, with charisma and dedication to learn.

During the reality show, the 36 female apprentices will participate in the program, interacting with the other players and compete for a prize of R$50,000.

So far, there are already 18 players registered to compete for the title of Muse of Poker.

All participants selected for the Big Player Brazil expenses will be paid by the organization of the event.

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